Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Why I Love Buying from the Hong Kong Vendors on Ebay!

So, as a lot of people know who know me, I LOVE Ebay! There's just something about that site that I love. And I don't use it to buy cheesy stuff like porcelain figurines or collectibles. Since joining Ebay back in 2004, I've been gathering Puma purses, cute leather accessories (gloves/hats/etc.), designer denim for cheap and recently a plethora (sp) of cute fashions from Korea, Japan and Hong Kong. Why? Well because the clothes from Asia tend to fit me better...and I know that they'll usually have styles that aren't as common over here, which means I won't see everyone and their mother wearing them over here.

And, that's no small feat considering I'm in NYC - where almost anything is available. :) So, a couple weeks ago, I ordered some accessories from this one Hong Kong vendor. A pair of black leather driving gloves and a vinyl poorboy cap. It took about 15 days (the only draw back of ordering from Asia) but it finally arrived today! I think including shipping, I might have spent $40 for both items. And oh yeah, the other reason I love shopping on Ebay - the grace period for submitting payment. It's nice to know that I can "Buy it now" or win a bid today but have usually up to seven days to submit payment. ;)

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