Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Today is a multi-post day!

Yuck, it's gross out! But I have great news. :)

Today was my 1 week post LASIK eye exam and apparently everything is going just fine. Since Thursday I had been using the series of drops four times a day as instructed. Apparently, my corneas are healing so nicely that I no longer need to use the antibacterial and anti-inflammatory drops anymore.

From here on out, I only have to use the regular eye drops that are meant to keep my eyes from getting dry. Yay! And, as of Friday, I can start wearing make up again...which will be awesome since I love wearing make up. :)

Overall, my vision is pretty great. I get a few halos at night, but nothing horrible. My very far away vision is still a little blurry...but all in all...I am very satisfied...the money was well spent. :-D

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