Saturday, May 9, 2009

An awesome twist on nameplate necklaces!


So earlier this year I met a cool crew of people on twitter --> @couchobjects. They're a UK based jewelry team that make nameplate necklaces out of black acrylic. They have some standard ones which you can buy from their Etsy shop: The standard necklaces have cute phrases like "twitterati", "@me", "social", and "API". Very cute stuff!

But, what's hot is that you can also get customized necklaces so I decided to get a customized necklace with my twitter handle --> @bigapplestyle. So for a mere $30.00 I had a customized nameplate necklace designed! And two weeks later it arrived!

Unfortunately, it came broken. :( But the ladies at Couch Objects were so cool about it and refunded me for the necklace and offered to send me another necklace from their stock items for free. (very cool!). So, I picked up the "twitterati" necklace.

And yes, the necklace is quite a talking piece. Thankfully, my friend told me to try supergluing the broken necklace, and I did. So, now I have two awesome necklaces that are great talking pieces wherever I go. I highly recommend checking out Couch Objects!

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