Monday, May 11, 2009

Mani-Pedi's & Goodies from Down Under!

Mani-pedi season has officially begun for me! And for once I decided to explore my neighborhood and see what I could find on the cheap. Turns out that within two blocks of my house there are three nail shops...but only one of the three is (IMO) safe to use lol. Two of them just looked too run down and depressed to even want to trust my nail beds to. The other one was a nice small (although somewhat short staffed for a Saturday) and very clean salon called Rose's Nails. My only complaint was that they were super short staffed on the weekend, so a mani pedi that shouldn't have taken more than an hour (not including dry time) took much longer because I had to wait between my mani and the pedi.

Anywho, the ladies were very friendly (and I must say I was happy to start understanding what some of them were saying since they were Korean and I'm studying Korean -- oh yeah more drama with the Korean tutor but I'll post that separately *sigh*) and clean. They were constantly wiping and cleaning which makes you feel good. The shop was tiny - practically a walk in back out but it got the job done. In total I spent $26 for a basic mani-pedi and that included the tip. In the future though, I'll be going there only on Mon - Wed since they offer a mani-pedi for only $16. :)

On to my goodies from down under. So, as everyone knows...I LOVE eBay and I got this awesome find on there. it's a clutch purse made of straw and leather. I think for everything I spent maybe $10 including shipping. It took a bit to get here because I bought it from an Australian eBay store but it was soooo worth it. :) It's vintage and there's such minimal wear on gusta! :)

It's going to look great with my spring/summer wardrobe! :)

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