Tuesday, May 5, 2009

My New Favorite Lipgloss! Smashbox O-gloss!


So last week I was in Sephora and I was in need of a "feel better buy". It was the day of my Mint car-sharing debacle and I was so PO'ed about it! Anywho...I saw an ad earlier in my Sephora email newsletter about a new lip gloss from Smashbox called O-Gloss that works off of your body chemistry to create the perfect pink tinted lip gloss color.

So, no lie, I was a tad bit skeptical. As anyone who is brown toned knows...sometimes colors that are toted as "awesome" for the fair skinned masses don't always come up to snuff for those of us with more melanin! So, I was at the Sephora in the Palisades and decided to give it a try. I smeared some on my hands (as I never put tester make up on my face - heeve skeeve that's like putting everyone's bacteria on your body!) and within a minute or so, a very sheer soft pink shade began to appear. It swipes on clear and then you feel minor tingling as it starts to take effect. I have it on in the pic below with the poor boy cap on but it was starting to dry up so I don't know how well you see it - but it was just a hint of color which, on my lips, I prefer. I'm more about doing the eyes up rather than my lips. :)

Okay, so now I'm in love with this stuff! I think it's around $20 a tube but so worth it! Smashbox also has a lip gloss with the same tint regulating properties but it also includes a lip plumper. Personally, I don't need a lip plumper (lol) however I'm sure it does wonders for those who do.

Verdict...big thumbs up! :)

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