Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Another Multi Post Day! - the 헌국어 Sh*t Hits the Fan :-/


So, my Korean tutor finally got into an American college like he wanted to - SUNY Buffalo. Yayyyy right? Nope.

So, either way, he would have left the city and I would have had to find another tutor...but it turns out he didn't realize that u need $ to attend college here. So, he got the acceptance letter, but then realized that he didn't have the $ to afford it. I know...an fml.com moment right? So, instead of him leaving for Buffalo in the fall, he's leaving for South Korea --- NEXT WEEK!

Yike-rs...now I have to find another tutor...or find someone who can help him figure out the financial aid issue when your an international student...either way, it's an fml moment.

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