Friday, April 24, 2009

Rolaids Spells Relief!


I am finally no longer one of the masses who works a traditional 9-5 and hates their job! After working a year and a half for someone who throws temper tantrums (although they're significantly older than me), I am now 100% freelance! Woohoo

And of course, I did it on such a beautiful day! I'm so excited for the future and as if on cue, all the back pain, stomach upset and general frustrations that I had been feeling for the last six months have disappeared!

Hey, I don't recommend that everyone quits their job...some people prefer the stability of a steady paycheck, and I can't blame them. But if you've ever had a dream that you wanted to pursue, then now is actually the best time for it. Despite the ridiculous economy, freelancers, and new entrepreneurs are flourishing.

So, what are my goals now that I no longer have to clock in and out or have a "time to make the donuts" mentality? Well they are as such:

-Finish editing my book, Mind Games
(and what's awesome is I no longer have to sneak in important phone calls on the way to the bathroom or on my lunch break)
-Update my modeling portfolio so I can get 100% back in the game
-Promote my clients for my own marketing company that I've started --> Big Apple Style Marketing.
-TRAVEL - because it's nice not to have to say "Mother May I" every time I want to take time off or go away!

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Kimmie said...

Good for you on leaving and um why are you not linking to other blogs namely - I hear that site is the hotness! I too will make my Exodus to freedom soon haha! I'll put a link up back to you ...