Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Boo I Think My Korean Tutor Is Leaving!

So bummed! Just got a text earlier today from my Korean tutor. So, he's been having issues with the TOEFL exam and might go back to South Korea. My thoughts? Nooooo! For the first time today I finally understood what the Korean lady was saying to the other Korean cashier at the bodega near my job!

She was ringing me up and said to the woman next to her "칠삼구 (chir-sam-goo)" which translates to "seven-three-nine" (incidently, my lunch came to $7.39). So, now that things are finally becoming clear for me...I can't have my tutor move back to South Korea.


And yes, I am taking Korean and the "why" is a funny story. So, last year I was going to Japan for vacation. I tried to learn Japanese by finding a Japanese tutor. But, all my Japanese tutors would flake after setting up the appointment. So, randomly, I got an email from my current Korean tutor saying that he couldn't teach me Japanese but he could teach me either Chinese or Korean; my choice. After meeting him I found out that he was from South Korea but had lived in China for three years. Well, his Korean was clearly better than his Chinese (by his own admission) and I opted to learn Korean instead.

So, that's the whole sordid I'm still bummed because I have no real desire to post another ad on CL and sift through a series of odd emails to find that needle in the haystack again. :-/

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