Saturday, April 25, 2009

Here Comes the Sun!


It's a brand new day and it's finally sinking in that I am no longer a full time employee! I don't feel that sadness that I would normally get (or overwhelmed in some cases) that there weren't enough hours in the weekend!

Well, actually, I'm working today...I made the choice to go back to modeling, and I have a gig to do today so...I'm still employed good people - just not in the traditional way! Anywho...there's so much that I need to do now that I'm freelance...and things have been developing nicely!

I felt like someone released me from jail yesterday as I walked to the subway...I even had a spring in my step! lol. And then barely four hours after I had been unceremoniously told I could go home, I got THE in the very near future I could be a regional casting director/talent developer. It's not outside of the scope of my abilities but it's absolutely exciting too!

I'm so excited and feeling optimistic about life-you guys have no idea how much that job felt like the 1000lb gorilla in the room. Actually, not just in the room but on my back. Anyway...time for me to greet the day! :)

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Kimmie Smith said...

I had thought about applying to some places to develop talent as I thought it would be good - lucky you not to have to do the "Mon do" but I will be on the same path very soon haha!