Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Murphy's Law is a Bi-otch! :(


I always feel like the first post is so crucial! What should I say? What should I do? Lol...anywho...welcome to my world.

It seriously sucks though that I went through the time to flatiron my hair to make a "How to flatiron your hair" video on Youtube...only to realize that it's going to be rainy all day tomorrow in NYC. Click the post title if you really want to see it. :-/ Wish I had looked at the forecast before I spent 30 minutes doing my hair tonight. :-/ Arghhh...Murphy's law I guess.

In other news lol...I have finally picked up the art of crocheting. :) Yes, I know, terribly exciting but every other time I've taken the trouble to try to learn it I failed miserably. Part of it is probably because most tutorials are made for righties...and I'm a lefty. :)

Later ppl! :)

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Kimmie said...

Um your vids should be on Viddler! Or you could have an entire channel at Mogulous!