Thursday, April 15, 2010

Part 2: Oh How I Love eBay!

My love for all things bargain-y continues. So, as many of you know, I LOVE eBay. There's practically nothing that you can't get on there, and for me the best part are the Asian stores. I can always be sure of finding awesome accessories, shoes & clothes that I usually won't see here in NYC - which is definitely a feat considering that we're talking about NYC, the fashion capital of the world!

Anyway, I bought a light gray purse about a few weeks ago and it just came in today! Love love love it! Pics below:

It's nice and large, comes with an additional shoulder handle and is sooo soft with this awesome "leathery" smell. No, it's not real leather, but for $40 it's very competitive to something you could buy at Leila Rowe without the gross pvc smell! And don't get me wrong...I love Leila Rowe, but sometimes their selection is limited or - considering what you purchased & the price - the item doesn't last. I definitely remember buying a black patent leather purse from them last year that ended up being a money pit since the zipper broke not long after I bought it. -_-

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