Saturday, April 24, 2010

Is It Just Me Or Is This a Marketing Ploy?

A random rant...

Okay so I've seen this commercial for the Lysol "No Touch Hand Soap System" a number of times, but the more I see it, the more I feel like it doesn't make sense.

The premise is that, with all the dirty/germy things that you can touch in a day, your hand soap pump can get really germy from multiple touches in a day. To fix this problem, they've created a touchless dispenser that is motion activated - to keep you from getting any more germs on yourself or on the soap pump. Okay, what's confusing me is, if you have antibacterial soap anyway, then it really doesn't matter if you touch the germy soap pump.

This feels more like a marketing ploy than a common sense idea. In theory, it sounds awesome - have a touchless soap dispenser so that you don't continue to contaminate surfaces. But come on, if the motion sensor in that dispenser is as "accurate" as a number of the motion sensory based dispensers in public restrooms around the country, then I can imagine myself standing there waving my hand like a moron trying to get a bit of soap to come out. ^_^

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