Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Shoes, Shoes & More Shoes!

Of course I love shoes, what woman doesn't?!

Anyway, I was in the city today and I bought this cute pair of shoes. They're pseudo classic looking but at the same time are super comfortable. It's almost a 3 inch heel but even as I walked around the city with them on this afternoon, my feet didn't hurt at all! Got them at the DSW in Union Square for $49.95...I love that store! ^_^

**I have long legs haha!**

**I love how classic these look, they go great with jeans, shorts (which was what I was wearing today) or a skirt!**

And I love the contrasting strap-work! Super cute!! ^_^ They also had this in a nautical navy stripe with red accent straps and silver hardware instead of the tortoiseshell on my version - but I decided to skip the nautical theme.

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