Sunday, May 16, 2010

My New Favorite iPhone App (Weekend Edition) - Pen Pals

Keeping it short and sweet...

I just got this app last night, Pen Pals, and I'm already addicted. Okay, so I love meeting new people. And I especially love meeting new people from other countries because you never know when you'll get the chance to visit that country. And then, you'll have an instant friend. :)

So, last night I downloaded PenPals..I think it was like $1.99 but I decided to give it a try (although to be fair, it's getting mixed reviews because of connectivity issues with the Dos Hombres' server).

The deal is that you can create a random greeting message (either text or with audio & pics too) and then send it out to the ether. It will be sent randomly to someone else who's also using the Pen Pals app and then they can choose to either reply back to you or delete it. And from there you two can either continue chatting through Pen Pals or make arrangements to chat elsewhere (Skype, AIM, etc.).

So, I decided not to write a random greeting but to wait and see who might send me a random greeting. As of now, I've gotten 8 or 9 greetings. Half of them I tossed just because I wasn't interested and their greeting wasn't all that persuasive. But the others were interesting. And, get this, two of the people who's greetings I kept are from - yup you guessed it, South Korea! And one of the two also works in entertainment too...too funny.

So, I highly recommend picking up this app if you have an Apple compatible device. I haven't had any connectivity issues so far & you never know who you may meet! Plus the graphics on this thing are so's worth the $1.99!!!


The Dos Hombres said...

Hi Dorian

Glad you like our app!

In regard to the connectivity issues some users experienced: We awoke Friday morning to find that Pen Pals was featured on the iTunes App homepage. The amount of traffic our servers got hit with caused some intermittent connectivity issues. We immediately started fixing the problem and a few hours later we had completely upgraded our servers. We're happy to say Pen Pals is now working faster than ever before!

Thanks again for your kind words. Have fun with your new Pen Pals!

The Dos Hombres

Dorian @ Big Apple Style said...

Hi Guys,

Thanks for reading my blog! I personally had no issues with the connectivity and am in love with the app! I actually found it when I randomly logged on to the App Store through my iPhone! I will definitely be recommending this to my friends! ^_^