Sunday, February 14, 2010

It's a Multi-Post Day....When Twitter Goes Wrong (an EPIC FAIL moment)

Thanks to a friend of mine who is an avid Engadget reader, I was forwarded this link:

Now, I love Twitter, and I love my yorkie...but that doesn't mean that the two should somehow be combined. In case you didn't check out the link, the toy genius company Mattel who brought you the most popular little girl doll (Barbie) have created a new "Twitter-linked" doggie collar that will send updates to the Twitter universe. These updates will be based on what your dog is doing, and thanks to the "smart motion chip" in the collar, we can now know when your special pup is peeing, pooping, licking himself or just scratching behind his ears.

This is a FAIL because:

1. I don't care to know what my dog is doing every second of the day
2. What makes you think everyone else wants to know what your dog is doing every second of the day?

Nice try Mattel, but highly unnecessary!

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