Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Great Moments in EPIC FAILure Continued! February Edition!

This was just too funny and messed up to NOT include in my "great moments of EPIC FAILure" piece.

So, for those of you who know, the clothing retailer, Wet Seal markets predominantly to teen girls. Their older version (in price and design) is Arden B. Anywho...Wet Seal tends to have customers anywhere from as young as 10 to anyone older who can fit the clothes. I don't mind Wet Seal. Not only did I use to work there back in the day, but they have some decent items that from time to time, I don't mind getting at a reasonable price.

But that's not why Wet Seal made it onto my EPIC FAIL list!, if you market to teen girls, why are you selling garter belts? This isn't the Victorian Age! We don't wear stockings that don't stay up on their own. Garter belts aren't a necessity anymore - it's a sexy accessory meant to be seen by your special someone. Wet Seal trying to promote being sexy to impressionable teen girls?! Are they trying to tell these impressionable girls that they should be revealing their unmentionables to people? Even if it's just a special occasion in honor of Valentine's Day, it's still in poor taste & bad judgement!

So, let's welcome Wet Seal to my growing list of "Great Moments in EPIC FAILure"!

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