Monday, January 18, 2010

Is it still a New Year's Resolution in the middle of January?!

A short and sweet post today...

So, originally I made my New Year's resolution to be "to travel more". So far, I have 3 stamps in my passport - 2 for Japan and one for Canada. But this year, I really want to go as far around the world as I possibly can - to the point where I need to request new pages in my passport!

Then today, I was in Borders and I picked up a Japanese language book - to learn the language of course! And so, another resolution that I'm adding is to learn Japanese (not just to speak it but to read & write as well) I can travel more to Japan and be fully functional - rather than looking for English sub-texts! Of course, I'm also going to try to do this while continuing to learn Korean at the same time...we'll see how this goes! ^_^

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