Monday, June 21, 2010

BzzAgent: Got2b Smooth Operator

Surprise surprise, you guys know that I'm a BzzAgent. I agree to do product reviews, get shipped the product for free in exchange for letting all of you good people know what I think of it. So, anything hair and make up related is definitely something that I'm up for.

This time, I'm reviewing the hair line "got2b's" new cashmere line, and specifically their smoothing lotion "Smooth Operator". So the deal is that it helps to tame fly aways and keep your hair looking shiny & well moisturized.

I preface this by saying, normally I don't use products that contain alcohol because ultimately, alcohol dries out your hair (and many hair products have alcohol in them!). But I have to say, got2b's "Smooth Operator" was a good product. I received 6 sample packs about a week or so ago and at first I wasn't terribly excited once I saw that alcohol was an ingredient. But, now I only have about 2 left so...I think I might actually go purchase a full bottle when my samples run out!

So, to use this product, you pump a quarter size amount (depending on how much hair you have you might need more) and evenly distribute it onto towel-dried hair or dry hair. I put it on my hair after I spritzed it with a bit of water and detangling leave in conditioner. The sample packs actually have a lot of product in them...don't think the average person would need quite that much as it might cause build up. After it dried a bit, I combed it out so it was fluffy and not so flat.

So, this was the end result, I know the pic doesn't show my entire hair, but the curls stayed soft and bouncy all day! (Yes, my dog Jimmy Choo wanted to get into the mix too) But the luster was great and my hair felt light and bouncy without feeling weighed down, so got2b's "Smooth Operater" is definitely a keeper!

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